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At some points in time every company, no matter its structure or size is in need to bring in external business consultancy.

The reasons are as diverse as unpredictable. These are usually temporary situations, which require solid

Some examples when you might need external CxO power:

  • Temporary lack of resources because an executive resigns, leaves or is asked to leave
  • Acute situations such as loss of sales pipeline, urgent company transitions, work floor optimization
  • An executive needs to enhance certain skills or overall performance
  • Company & sales strategy assessments
  • (Re)building management team trust, open communication and collaboration
  • Objective insights from external experience
  • A serious sparring partner on executive level

This is where we come in....

Our sole business is to deliver you the services of a unique profile of business expert, named the "Silver Raven". These freelance executives are all 50+, lifetime experienced CxO's, financially independent and far most important...very excited about solving problems and adding value to your business with their experience.

Wait, we hear you thinking...captains of industry performing short term consultancy assignments at my company, won't that cost me tons of money? No, that's the beauty of this concept. The Silver Raven philosophy and values combined with our lean company structure enables us to charge fair prices for their services. This makes a Silver Raven the ideal temporary executive for your business.

Remember, they only take on assignments because they really want to, not because they need to.

This spirit cuts out politics or internal plays and leaves them focused on one thing....getting your company challenge resolved without wasting your time or money.

You are here: Home > Philosophy

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