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Way of working

Delivering ideal interim CxO profiles for your business challenges is our sole business. That's why we take great care in screening our candidates before introducing them into our platform. Our clients demand the best from us, and we intend to give it to them.

After creating a detailed profile of the candidate, including crucial information of his/her further interests and whereabouts, we enroll only the true Silver Raven to our platform.

We match the ideal Silver Raven to the questions we receive from our clients. Generally we only introduce one best possible candidate for your challenge, keeping in mind our precise profiling.

The candidate performs a one day intake at our client, mainly to ensure there's the ideal fit and to deliver a first review of the challenge presented.

Consultancy agreements are made up between our client, the candidate and Silver Raven.

During the assignment regular contacts between our client, the consultant and Silver Raven, guarantee its success.

After an assignment we hold personal debriefing conversations with all parties.

We are not satisfied when our customer is satisfied, we want them delighted!

You are here: Home > Way of working

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